Current upgrades

So far I’ve only made one change, and that’s to add some 15mm washers to the screws that mount the frame to the body shell. As with most other owners, I’ve found the screws get pulled through the body shell after the first few impacts, so washers help spread the load from the screw over a wider area. I 3D-printed some for starters, and I’ve got metal ones on order.

Future upgrades

The first upgrade I’m planning is purely cosmetic – a new body shell. At the moment I’m running the stock shell in blue; my preference is always for purple. I’m also a sucker for the Ford F150 truck design, so the Proline F150 shell for the X-Maxx is an obvious choice.

Next up will probably be lights (in the front and rear bumpers) and aluminium shock caps. I’m always a little wary of plastic shock caps getting blown off, and the X-Maxx is just begging to be abused so I’m sure it’s a case of when, not if, that happens…