RC4WD.com is an excellent site if you’re looking for R/C crawler parts (or even whole kits). Not only that, but every now and then they run a “Mystery Box” promotion – a box filled with a selection of products sold on the site, worth more than you pay for the box. The only catch is that you don’t know what you’re going to get until the box arrives! Since I’m fairly new at scale building, I figured it’d be a good way to get a selection of parts to get me going, so I took the plunge and ordered up the big box. I passed on the smaller box because YouTube and forum postings suggested it mainly consisted of pairs of tyres (not whole sets), stickers and not much of any use. I was hoping that the bigger box would contain whole sets of tyres, maybe wheels and/or shocks, lights, a winch and maybe an axle or two and so on- stuff that would be more useful. RC4WD suggested that some boxes may even contain a whole kit, but I suspected that this was more to get you interested and that the chances of actually getting a kit would be low. I was well aware that what I was hoping for might be quite different to what I actually got, but at least I’d know what to expect next time – if the box was crap, I wouldn’t be doing it again…

So, what’s in the box? Check out the video to find out…

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the contents- I didn’t get a winch, but I did get some complete sets of stuff rather than half sets, and even a few things I was actually planning on buying anyway. What’s even more surprising is that (with the exception of the Trail Stomper kit) this is all stuff RC4WD are currently selling – it’s not old stuff they found down the back of the warehouse shelving during a stock take.

I priced it all up, using the current prices on the RC4WD website, and the total cost for all 27 items would have been $935.74.

So, my mystery box contained stuff worth over $400 more than I paid for it, it’s nearly all stuff I’m likely to use (except for the semi-truck tyres), and I got a whole new kit to work on too.

I’ll definitely be buying one next time around!

RC4WD Trail Stomper