Objective: Build a dedicated rock crawler, purely intended to go slow and climb everything.

My first rock crawler (the original Project Thunderchild) worked very nicely, and introduced me to this more sedate RC pastime. It has now been passed down to my daughter, and I’m looking to replace it with something even better; I’m thinking an MOA design could be fun! MOA stands for “motor on axle”, and means the crawler has a motor mounted directly on each axle, rather than a single motor in the middle with driveshafts connecting it to the axles. This should give the advantage of a lower centre of gravity, plus the ability to control the front and rear motors independently. The drawback is that it makes the electronics a little more complicated.

My first choice, an Axial XR10, has been ruled out due to the fact that you just can’t find them anywhere. This leaves my second choice – the Bully from RC4WD.com. Strictly speaking, this is the name of the axles, not a whole vehicle – but I’ve gone for a full chassis kit, rather than have to decide on links etc myself.

So, here’s the rundown of what hardware I’ve ordered:

And for the electronics: