Month: December 2014

Axial Yeti – important tweaks and useful updates

Axial’s latest speed machine, the Yeti, has proven to be very popular. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s not perfect – and there are a couple of tweaks it needs right out of the box. Before you run it for the first time, you really need to do the following: Threadlock the driveshaft pins The small pin screws at each end of the front and rear driveshafts need to be removed, have threadlock applied, and reinserted. This is a quick and easy job, and can be done without having to take the car apart (just lift the cage). The pin nearest the rear axle can be easily accessed from beneath the car (see photo), the others will require a hex driver with a long shaft. You can only remove the pin from one side – you may need to rotate the driveshaft if you can’t unscrew the pin at the first go. Once you’ve removed the pin, drip one drop of blue threadlock onto the threaded part of the screw, and reinsert. As before, you can only reinsert the pin from the correct side – there’s no thread on the other side. ┬áIf you don’t do this, the vibrations from running the buggy will shake at least one of the pins out. Tighten the wheel nuts This is more of a stopgap than anything; the Yeti is fitted...

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Axial Yeti upgrade list

As any RC enthusiast knows, no vehicle stays “stock” for long. This post serves as a list of the upgrades I’m planning for my Yeti, and I’ll add separate posts as they’re installed. Body and lighting: Gear Head slimline roof rack with light bar Gear Head white and blue six shooter with mounting kit These two will add a couple of light bars to the Yeti- one above the “windscreen” (suspended from a scale roof rack), and one in the front bumper assembly. LEDs and lenses to go into the rear light buckets – the buckets from the Exo...

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